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Certification and Patent


▶ CE Certificate (3 Types Including Isolated Transformer, UV Transformer)
▶ Patent – Core for Ballast (Taper Type)
▶ Patent- Core for Ballast (Clip Core)
▶ Patent – Manufacturing Method of Silicon Steel Plate Laminating Core for Reactor
▶ Utility Model- Clip Terminal of Transformer
▶ Patent- Small and Medium-Sized AC and DC High Frequency Reactor
▶ Patent – Cooling Device of Power Supply Facility
▶ Patent – Power Supply Device for Arc Lamp
▶EMC Filter KC Certificate (Power Filter for Radio Interference Control)
▶Affiliate Research Center Certificate
▶Citation from Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy
▶Citation from Siheung Chamber of Commerce & Industry
▶Management Innovation-Type Small and Medium-Sized Company(Main-Biz)
▶Technology Innovation-Type Small and Medium-Sized Company(INNO-BIZ)
▶Certificate on Selection as Youth-Friendly Small Giant
▶Direct Production Certificate
▶Air Emission Permission
▶Power Generation Business Permission
▶Wastewater Discharge Facility Installation Certificate

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