Message from CEO

Message from CEO

Shinhan EPS will open up happy future with customers.

We welcome all customers visiting our Shinhan EPS Co.,Ltd. and we’d like to express deep gratitude for continuous supports and cheers until now.
After its foundation, our Shinhan EPS have been establishing quality assurance system and mass production system based on accumulative technologies and Shinhan EPS is also providing the best product based on faith and honesty to prevent opportunity loss of demanders.
With great supports from customers, Shinhan EPS is creating products in various fields from source technology to advanced technology such as cemented mold, core, transformer, reactor, EMC filter, and power conversion system. Shinhan EPS is also enhancing is market share in related markets.
Our Shinhan EPS aims for challenging spirit always seeking for new features instead of settling on the present. We promise to adapt quickly to rapidly changing industrial structure and try to satisfy customer needs.
We will compensate to customers’ supports based on the best quality, competitive price, and quick response and we will become the best company by practicing ethical, transparent, and responsible management.

CEO Jungsan Ahn

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